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Senior Java Developer (Digital) (Insurance) - IC
Client Description

US-based IT service vendor / Client: Insurance

Job Description

• Develop low-level application architecture (including but not limited: user story design, API design, domain model design, database design) for a broader scope of projects.
• Assist to develop application delivery principles, guidelines, standards and patterns (including but not limited: design pattern, coding convention, code review guideline, performance testing guideline) to ensure solution decisions are aligned with the enterprise's future-state architecture vision.
• Direct the governance activities associated with ensuring application architecture assurance and compliance in assigned projects.
• Facilitate the evaluation and selection of software product standards and services, as well as the design of standard and custom software configurations.
• Document all application architecture design and analysis work.
• Assist to analyze the business-IT environment (run, grow and transform the business) to detect critical deficiencies, and recommend solutions for improvement (systems of record, differentiation and innovation).
• Work closely with project manager to ensure the execution of plans corresponds with what is being promised.
• Presentation to stakeholders on solution architecture design by fluent English

Job Requirements

• Bachelor's degree in computer science, system analysis or a related study, or equivalent experience
• 5+ years of experience in a technology consultant role or architect role in IT industry
• Minimum of 5-10 years of experience in at least two IT solution development disciplines, including technical architecture, application development, middleware, database management or operations
• 7+ years’ experience in Java programming, Linux experience is preferred.
• Hands-on experience with Microservice technologies (ex. SpringBoot, SpringCloud, Docker, Kubernetes etc.)
• Good understanding of strategic and new and emerging technology trends (ex. IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Microservices, API, Container, Mobile, Data Lake etc.), and the practical application of existing, new and emerging technologies to new and evolving business and operating models
• Understanding of agile methods and processes (ex. Scrum, DevOps), and capability of supporting agile project teams by providing advice and guidance on opportunities, impact

Information Technology
Employment Type
Salary Range
HK$ 40000 - 65000
Yr(s) of Exp
Education Required
Bachelor Degree
Post Date